1. Japan's maglev train goes 374 mph, sets world record
    • 日本のリニア(Maglev; magnetic levitation=磁力で浮く)が時速603kmを達成したニュース
  2. 6 reasons why the Trans-Pacific Partnership matters(TPPが争点になっているのはなぜか?
  3. Drone with radioactive material found on Japanese Prime Minister's roof
    • 首相官邸の屋上で放射性物質を積んだドローンが見つかったニュース
  4. Japanese court blocks resident petition; paves the way for nuclear reactor restart
    • 鹿児島県の川内原発再稼動訴訟で裁判所が再稼動の停止を認めなかったニュース
  5. Meet the Japanese heavyweights of Brazilian sumo
    • 日系ブラジル人のsumoレスラー、Higuchi兄弟について日系ブラジル人についての情報とともに
    • Higuchi兄弟は、全ブラジル相撲選手権でずっと活躍しています(『全ブラジル相撲選手権』月刊ピンドラーマ編集部だより)
  6. Japan's space agency aims for the moon in 2018
    • JAXA宇宙航空研究開発機構が2018年に月面着陸を計画しているニュース
  7. Obama, Dems set to clash over trade
  8. White House to unveil boost to U.S.-Japan military ties during Abe visit
  9. New guidelines allow Japan to defend U.S. and other countries(日米防衛指針の改訂
  10. White House hosts Japan's Prime Minister Abe for State dinner
  11. Time for Abe to apologize, properly(マイク・ホンダ上院議員の意見記事
  12. Can Abe sway Congress over TPP?(米国議会での演説は上手く行くのか?








  1. The deal is absolutely massive.
  2. It forces us to grapple with really tough questions.
  3. Really, this is about China.
  4. It's turned Democrats against each other.
  5. This fight's going several rounds.
  6. It's a huge challenge for Hillary Clinton.

出典:『6 reasons why the Trans-Pacific Partnership matters』(CNN.com)


  1. 世界経済の40%を占める経済圏になりうる
  2. 日本の農業問題、人権問題などのある国と取引は大丈夫なのか?
  3. 中国に対抗するため
  4. アメリカ国内の政治的理由


Should it be harder for poor countries like Malaysia to make generic versions of expensive drugs patented by U.S. pharmaceutical companies? Should Japan's small family farmers be forced to abandon their heritage and compete with industrial American farms' products? Why make a deal that allows Vietnam, with all its child labor abuses, sell more shoes and T-shirts into the United States? These are all issues that the deal's critics raise.
出典:『6 reasons why the Trans-Pacific Partnership matters』(CNN.com)




"The issuance of the guidelines represents a real change, a real improvement in the ability of Japan and the United States to operate together not only in the defense of Japan, but throughout the region and globally," the official told reporters at the Pentagon in advance of the announcement.
When the first such guidelines were issued in 1978, they were essentially restricted to the U.S. defense of Japan. When they were last updated in 1997, they expanded the ability of both nations to cooperate regionally in situations and areas immediately surrounding Japan.
As Japanese capabilities and interpretations of their constitution have evolve in the intervening years, the new guidelines effectively eliminate the previous geographical restriction on U.S.-Japan cooperation and allow the alliance to do globally what had only been possible on a regional basis before.
出典:『New guidelines allow Japan to defend U.S. and other countries』(CNN.com)下線は管理人による改変


出典:『同盟を世界に貢献するものに…日米首脳会談』(Yahooニュース 日本テレビ系(NNN))リンク先の記事が非公開になりました




Today, there are fewer than 100 surviving "comfort women" across the Asia-Pacific. Each year, this number declines. Ms. Lee is one of 53 remaining Korean survivors.
出典:『Time for Abe to apologize, properly』(CNN.com)




Which brings us back to Prime Minister Abe's speech. Given that we are fast approaching the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, there will be an understandable focus on what the Prime Minister says regarding his nation's role in that conflict. In the eyes of many in China and South Korea, Japan has never sufficiently apologized for its past transgressions, while the United States itself expressed disappointment over a visit Abe made to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine.
Yet despite such criticisms, a Pew poll found a plurality in the United States thinks that the apologies that Japan has issued in the past about the war are sufficient. As a result, for much of the U.S. audience, Abe's words about the TPP will be of equal importance to questions of history.
出典:『Can Abe sway Congress over TPP?』(CNN.com)




So far, Prime Minister Abe's appearance has garnered much less attention than last month's speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is not surprising; in a recent survey by the Pew Research Center nearly three-quarters of the respondents indicated they had "never heard of" Shinzo Abe, underscoring just how difficult it is for the Obama administration to sell its much-vaunted "pivot" or "rebalance" to the American public.
出典:『Can Abe sway Congress over TPP?』(CNN.com)



It's a tall task, especially when it is unlikely the public will be paying much attention to his speech. But it's a deal that will have significant repercussions not just for the deal at hand, but for the success of President Obama's pivot to Asia. And with that in mind, Prime Minister Abe won't be the only one hoping he can turn in a convincing performance on Wednesday.
出典:『Can Abe sway Congress over TPP?』(CNN.com)

この記事が面白かったので著者、Paul Sracic氏の他の記事を探してみましたが、コラムニストではなく政治学者のようであまり書いていませんでした。


CNNの記事よりも短いですが読みやすそうな記事がロイターに出ています。議会での演説で貿易問題と過去の戦争問題についてChallengeに遭うだろうというようなものです。(参考『In speech to Congress, Japan's Abe faces challenges on trade, wartime past』Reuter)

VOA(Voice of America)でも取り上げられています。4月28日のオバマ大統領と安倍総理の会食で、シャンパンではなく日本酒で乾杯し、

"Spring, green and friendship."
"United States and Japan."
"Nagoyaka ni, which means 'harmonious feeling,'" said the president.
In return, Abe raised his own glass of sake and quoted the lyrics to the rhythm and blues song, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."
"The song goes, 'Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, to keep me from you.' The relationship of Japan and the United States is just like this," he said.
出典:『Japan's Abe to Address US Congress』(Voice of America)




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